PDL-II Bumper

The PDL-II PowerLight has been widely accepted by the industry as the professional handheld UV inspection lamp.

To ensure a long and trouble free use of the PDL-II, without running the risk of damage due to an incidental drop a protective bumper has been developed. Placed over the head part of the PDL-II this bumper offers maximum protection.

IDP Cleanroom box

ESD visible storage box IDP-STAT for PDL Powerlight, conductive, yellow!

• Inherently Dissipative Polymer (IDP)
• ISO 9001
• Dissipative pink foam
• Stackable
Optional: Grade 4 cleaned in an ISO 7 cleanroom, double packed and sealed in 2 yellow IDP bags. (antistatic and low outgassing)

UV Safety Glasses

Why use a UV protection safety glasses

Ultraviolet light excessive radiation is harmful to human organisms. For example, when ultraviolet rays are strongly into the eyes, it can cause conjunctivitis and keratitis, which we called lighting ophthalmia.

In order to prevent the danger of ultraviolet rays, the following personnel need to wear UV goggles:
1) People who exposed to UV rays for a long time
2) People who are sensitive to ultraviolet rays
3) People who have deep awareness of self-protection


Passed European CE EN166 certification and the United States ANSI Z87.1 certification
UV400 Protection
Offers protection from excessive glare.
Provides 99% protection from harmful UV-A rays.
Impact resistant 100% polycarbonate lens provides excellent eyes protection
Light weight with vented temples offers comfort all-day wear, unisex wrap around style
General purposes for indoor and outdoor applications that require impact protection.