For use in Cleanroom environments

The PDL, Particle Detection Light is a special flashlight for professionals in the cleanroom industry, who carry out particle inspections. 

Designed for Professionals

Cleaning technicians, health inspectors, lab staff, metal industry. Under influence of the right UV light a service technician can clearly identify these traces.

Check the quality of your UV-A lamp

The UV monitor/tester connects to your phone to measure and analyze the UV-A light from UV lamps. Free available in the app stores

Cleanroom box for PDL lamp

IDP box, yellow execution.
electrostatically dissipative
(DIN IEC 61340-5-1)
IDP = inherently dissipative polymers

Painting test1 without UV-APainting test1 with UV-A

Painting test2 without UV-APainting test2 with UV-A


PDL POWERLIGHT - The UV flashlight for cleanroom inspection

  1. Highly effective most powerful flashlight in HQ finish
  2. Scratchproof, according the highest standards
  3. Offers UV-A light or white light for the best possible particle inspection
  4. 2x rechargeable Panasonic battery


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