PDL-II, Particle Detection Light


For use in Cleanroom environments

DUAL II PowerLight


Designed for Professionals

UV-A Bluetooth tester


Check the quality of your UV-A lamp

IDP Cleanroom box


Cleanroom box for PDL lamp

Cleanroom Exhibitions 2023 - 2024

The most powerful UV-A and white light Flashlight

The PDL II POWERLIGHT is currently the most powerful true UV-A and white light flashlight available on the world market: 25 watt UV-A LED and 5 watt white LED power at your fingertips!

A special dichroic filter is placed in front of the UV-A LEDs, which blocks all other wavelengths. Only ultraviolet light (UV-A 365nm) passes through this filter.

The PDL II was developed together with the leading techgigant of Europe the PDL II is the improved variant of the PDL, the PDL II is better protected against heat so that it can be used for longer periods at a time.

Lots and lots of UV-A light!

The most important task of the UV flashlight is to actually emit this ultra-violet light, and with a light strength that allows the user to perform the task, even in bright daylight conditions. And with the ultraviolet light we mean of course the UV-A light.

UV-A LED’s have been on the market for only a few years now and are still expensive. As UV-A light is not visible to the human eye, the user is not able to determine without a measurement device if the flashlight actually emits this desired UV-A light.

Painting test1 without UV-APainting test1 with UV-A

Painting test2 without UV-APainting test2 with UV-A


  1. Highly effective most powerful flashlight in HQ finish
  2. Scratchproof, according the highest standards
  3. Offers UV-A light or white light for the best possible particle inspection
  4. 2x rechargeable Panasonic battery