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PDL-II Powerlight 23 series

Suitable for Grade 2 and Grade 4 cleaning

The PDL II, Particle Detection Light is a special flashlight,
developed for professionals in the cleanroom industry.

5x 5 W UV-A light and 1x 5 W white light.

Recommended for Particle Detection. The PDL is executed with 5 powerful UV-A LED’s of 5 watt each, which makes this unit the most powerful ultraviolet inspection light available in the market. In front of the UV-A LED’s a special dichroic filter is placed, which blocks all other wavelengths. Only ultraviolet light (UV-A) will pass this filter. Who carry out particle inspections.

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Lots and lots of UV-A light!

The most important task of the UV flashlight is to actually emit this ultra-violet light, and with a light strength that allows the user to perform the task, even in bright daylight conditions. And with the ultraviolet light we mean of course the UV-A light. UV-A LED’s have been on the market for only a few years now and are still expensive.

As UV-A light is not visible to the human eye, the user is not able to determine without a measurement device if the flashlight actually emits this desired UV-A light. Many manufacturing companies use

this fact to use inferior – but cheap- blue LED’s in their flashlight, which emit little or no UV-A light. Instead these flashlights emit the visible color violet and blue. The result is that the object that should glow up under influence of UV-A light now stay hidden to the flashlight and the human eye. And with this non-performance comes the mistrust in this technology.

The UV flashlights produced by us are equipped with the strongest UV-A LED’s available to the market. And they emit true UV-A light, with its emission peak.

UV-A LED- technology

UV-A LEDs have only been on the market for a few years and are still relatively expensive. As UV-A light is not visible to the human eye, the user can, without a measuring device, not determine whether the torch actually emits the desired UV-A light.

Many manufacturers use this fact to use inferior – but cheap – blue LEDs in their torches that emit little to no UV-A light. Instead, these torches emit the visible colours violet and blue.

The result is that the object that is supposed to light up under the influence of UV-A light is not visible to the human eye. As a result, there is less confidence in the technology.

The PDL II was co-developed with Europe’s leading tech giant. The UV torches produced
by Alcochem are equipped with the strongest UV-A LEDs available on the market.

The PDL-II POWERLIGHT is currently the most powerful true UV-A flashlight
available in the global market: 25 watts of UV-A LED power at your fingertips!

The flashlight is designed to meet the high demands from professionals,
who are looking for a high quality tool. The UV flashlight can be used for a wide variety of different tasks.

• Dust detection
• Aflatoxin on dried food & fruits,
• Cleanroom area
• Welding inspections.

Highly effective most powerful flashlight in HQ finish

• Scratchproof, according the highest standards
• Offers UV-A light or white light for the best possible particle inspection
• Rechargeable Panasonic battery
• Safety glasses optionally available in various colors
• Original Cree LED’s suited for 20.000 hrs of use
• Durable design
• Inductive charging
• Round aesthetic finish

Power LED’s
Lifetime LED’s
Tested drop height
Battery type
Battery life
Electrical supply charger
IP rating
Quality procedure
Life span
5x 5 Watt UV-A 365 nm i.c.w. 1x 5 Watt white LED
20.000 hours
1,2 m
Aluminum T6061, Premium Type III hard anodized abrasive finish
316 Gram (incl batteries)
Full grip, anti drop design
18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery from Panasonic, 3400 mAh – 7.4 V
3 operational hours*
100-240 V ˜ 50-60 Hz
222 x 52 mm (L x D (head))
Metal executed
CE & RoHS compliant
ISO 9001
Min. 5 years
IEC report (IEC 60598-2-8) included
Included in English language
2 years on electrical performance
ASML certified for grade 2 and grade 4 applications

* Operational hours given are based on 2 hours use in white led position and 1 hour use in UV position.
* Once a year the batteries need to be regenerated in a separate battery charger, this to maintain the life-time and to preserve the batteries.

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