• UVA Powerlight

UV Powerlight

Parallel to rodents becoming an ever growing problem in the bigger part of the world.

1x 5 W UV-A light

The need for good monitoring tools grows as well. Recommended for heavy duty use in Pest Control.

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Parallel to rodents becoming an ever growing problem in the bigger
part of the world, the need for good monitoring tools grows as well.

• Where do they stay?
• How do they enter the building?
• But also: How do they move through the premises?

Ultraviolet light is well known for their ability to visualise urine trails. Under influence of the right UV light (and in the right strength) a service technician can clearly identify these trails.

Based on this the right follow up steps can be taken to effectively control them. UV flashlights have been on the market for some time, but often the wrong wavelength were emitted and or the light was simply not strong enough.

These issues have been addressed with the new UV PowerLight from Alcochem Hygiene. A special UV-A LED has been developed, which combines strength and efficiency.

Up to 5 watts of concentrated UV-A light is at your disposal, which makes this flashlight the perfect tool for operational use in dimmed areas, but also for use in daylight areas.

UV-A power (W)

Light source

Modes (by soft touch)

Dimension flashlight (length x diameter)

Weight excl battery (gr.)

IP level

Material & Finishing

Battery type

Operational hours on 1 battery charge

Charger (included)

Lifetime LED (hrs)





Tested drop height



Carrying strap

Serial number


Dimension Packing L x W x D (mm)


UV-A LED (made in Korea)

3 mode (high – medium – low)

123 x 23 mm


IPX8 (weather proof)

Aluminum, standard oxidizing treatment

18650 Li-Ion rechargeable

6 hrs (indicative)

100-240V ~ 50-60Hz / UL approved


2 years, excluding mechanical defects


Tail switch (sealed silicon)

Anti-roll body design

1,5 m

High temp, vacuum coated diffusor

Included in English

Included in the box

Engraved on the fl ash light

Cardboard, full color box

200 x 111 x 53

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