The PDL POWERLIGHT is currently the most powerful true UV-A flashlight available in the global market:

25 watts of UV-A LED power in combination with a bright light at your fingertips!
The flashlight is designed to meet the high demands from professionals, who are looking for a high quality tool.
The UV flashlight can be used for a wie variety of different tasks.

Booth 209 – Procleanroom – the flexible specialist for your modular cleanrooms and laminar flow cabinets. We design, manufacture, install and validate cleanrooms for our customers. ProCleanroom is located in the Netherlands and operates in accordance with the strictest European regulations.

Booth 289 – Romex – is a specialized distributor of ESD and Cleanroom materials, test and measurement equipment for electronics, solder, repair tools and tools. Everything you need for assembling and testing electronics. 13 & 14 November 2019, Veldhoven, the Netherlands.